The Benefits of Your Free Membership to Appliantology.com

Your success as an appliance repair technician is our #1 goal. Yes, you can master all the skills of appliance repair with our training courses, but we don’t stop there. After you graduate, whether you need to access tech sheets and schematics, stay up-to-date on changing technologies, or run a tricky problem by other appliance repair masters, we’re here to help. 

That’s why we give every new Master Samurai Tech student a free 6-month membership to our sister site, Appliantology.org. The two go together hand in glove for the best appliance repair training experience money can buy. Or, at least, that’s what we’ve heard from our alumni about Appliantology.

What is Appliantology?

Appliantology.org is the biggest and best online resource for working appliance repair techs, where you can find:

  • Support from thousands of other expert appliance repair technicians and owners, either exchanging tips and tricks or helping troubleshoot problems, and all moderated by the MST team to ensure the advice is sound.
  • Unlimited downloads of over 7,000 appliance manuals, tech sheets and schematic diagrams—plus more added every day.
  • Over 100 hours of continuing education workshops from the Master Samurai to help you stay up-to-date on the latest technology.
  • Job boards and networking with other techs and appliance repair company owners to help you find the perfect fit for your career.

In order to maintain the quality of this community—keeping it private and ad-free, moderating discussions, and constantly adding content—it is necessary that we charge a small yearly membership fee.

The fee to become a Professional Appliantologist is $297 / year, but because we know how incredibly useful Appliantology is for students and alumni looking to put their training into practice, we offer two ways to receive the membership for free (plus a free course on how to use and maximize the value of Appliantology).

Our Free Appliantology Membership Packages

  1. Every new Master Samurai Tech student receives a free 6-month Professional Appliantologist membership, so they can access this valuable resource from day one of their training.

How to register: The sign-up form is in the Appliantology 101 course, which all students can access.* Go through Units 1, 2, and 3, then you’ll be good to go. (* You’ll find Appliantology 101 in your list of courses on the Members Area page, which is the page you land on when you log in. Or, if you’re already logged in, click “My Courses” in the campus menu.)


  1. Every Master Samurai Tech student who receives their certification in our Core Appliance Repair Training course receives a free 1-year membership! And that’s just to start!

How to register: For details on our certification program, including how to qualify and what you receive, check out our MST certification page. Once you’re certified, just fill out this short form, we’ll review it and set up your Appliantology account mo’scratchie (that’s Samurai-speak for “quickly”).

What do we mean by “And that’s just to start?” 

Well, alumni can re-up their Professional Appliantologist membership without paying a cent. How? By being active in the Tech Forums. Each year, when your free membership comes up for renewal, we will check to see whether you have posted comments and questions throughout the year and not just used the membership to download manuals. If you have been moderately active, we will renew your Professional Appliantologist membership for another year, free of charge.

This is super easy to do, and why wouldn’t you try? You can save hundreds of dollars every year by being a helpful part of your community. Click here for more details.

What if a tech doesn’t earn or maintain an Alumni membership?

Graduates of one or more courses at the Master Samurai Tech Academy have a lifetime benefit of $100 off of the annual cost of a professional tech membership. Just contact the Appliantology Admin to take advantage of this.