Core Appliance Repair Training Course

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Our graduates, including many seasoned techs, call our Core Appliance Repair Training course a game-changer for their career. Become a master technician by taking the guesswork out of appliance repair and do your job right every time. Trust us, your customers will love you.

$695 One Time Payment
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Course Syllabus

10 modules and 70 units Est. time to complete: 40-80 hours

Module 1: Core Appliance Repair Training Course Orientation 2 Units

Get oriented in our online courseware and learn how to get the most out of your training.

Module 2: Core Operational Overviews 14 Units

In intro to appliance repair, how all major appliances work, and key things to look for on the job.

Module 3: Tools and Test Instruments 3 Units

A breakdown of the tools you need, and which ones you should have on every service call.

Module 4: Basic Electricity 12 Units

To understand how all appliances work, you must first learn the basics of electricity and circuits.

Module 5: Basic Electronics 8 Units

Meet all the electronics and components you’ll see, plus learn how to test them to identify problems.

Module 6: Troubleshooting 7 Units

Learn an easy, foolproof method for troubleshooting, and how to read appliance schematics to help.

Module 7: Basic Gas 9 Units

Learn the basics of gases, and how to measure, diagnose and fix gas pressure and flow problems.

Module 8: Appliance Parts 6 Units

Familiarize yourself with appliance parts: including pumps, switches, relays, motors, sensors, and more.

Module 9: Appliance Motors 5 Units

Learn how to identify, troubleshoot and fix all varieties of motors and motor control systems.

Module 10: Final Exam and Beyond 4 Units

Take the final exam to test your new mastery, then learn what’s next in our Advanced Courses.
fundamentals Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.9 based on 413 reviews.
5 1

This is a great training platform for new and experienced technicians. Great to work with Mr. and Mrs. Samurai with questions. I wish this was available to myself when i first starting out in HVAC and appliance repair in 1990. My company will be using this training for all future new technicians. Thank you for the refresher and new knowledge i learned.

Thank you to everyone at master samurai tech academy! I love learning and soaking in new information and your courses are absolutely amazing! I’ve taken many certification courses including mold remediation, chief engineering, health and safety, restoration, EPA 608 etc, and this course is THE best online certification program I have ever taken! The course is easy to follow and learn from. It is presented in a manner that forces the student to remember. And having each section building off the last one helps reinforce the information as you go along. I’m very impressed with this course. I will be taking all the advanced training offered, watch all the webinars and continue learning and improving my skill set with master Samurai tech for years to come. The staff responds quickly to questions and inquiries, grades exams quickly and have been rockstars through the entire process. I also have to say that appliantology is an amazing resource that you will be missing out on if you don’t utilize it. I have already utilized their manuals and tech sheets and used the appliance repair tech forum to get help while out in the field….not to mention the price!! Extremely well priced course. In my opinion it is cheap compared to other courses I have taken and I almost feel like they gave me my certification for free. Master samurai tech academy is your one stop shop for ALL your appliance needs. Thanks again to everyone at master samurai tech academy and appliantology!
- Justin Padilla

You guys did awesome on breaking down everything for us new and upcoming techs!
- Ali Zangeneh
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Kick Appliance Butt and Make Money

The Core Appliance Repair training course is based on a simple principle: you can’t fix something if you never knew how it worked in the first place. Our inside-out approach teaches you the basics of electricity, gas, and motors, as well as how all the parts within an appliance act together to make the appliance work. These concepts apply to every model by every brand, so once you master the troubleshooting skills taught in this course, you’ll be able to repair most any appliance.

Our goal is to get you to a place where, anytime you replace an appliance part, you do so not because you hope it’s the source of a problem, but because you know it is. Ask any of our graduates who accepted the challenge of becoming a true appliance repair technician—none of them question the value of what they learned here. They’re too busy kicking appliance butt and making money.

And if you’re thinking to yourself, “I’ve been in this business for twenty years, I don’t need to take a course on the basics,” why not put your skills to the test first? If you ace our You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know quiz, you’ve proven worthy of moving on to our advanced courses. If you struggle, that’s alright, most technicians do. It’s admirable that you’ve made it this far with just your handiness and your instincts, but it’s time you learned the core skills of every appliance repair master. Your job will get easier, more fun and earn you more money if you do.